Terms and Conditions


The content of the pages of this website is for your general information and use only and is subject to change.

Please take a few minutes to read through the terms and conditions as these form the basis of the contract.



Quotes are created after your consultation & valid for 14 days, as prices are subject to change. A non-refundable date retainer of £100 is required to secure your wedding date. If you cancel for any reason, this will not be returned to you, however if I am forced to cancel, you will be notified and refunded in full. By paying the £100 date retainer and securing the date you are accepting the below terms and conditions. Final payments are required 21 days prior to the celebration date; once the final payment is received this sum becomes non-refundable should you wish to cancel your booking.



Late or non-payments could result in the loss of your booking date. In the event of a late or non-payment, the order will not proceed until funds have been paid in full. In these circumstances, subsequent completion of the order on the required date will not be guaranteed and becomes Subject To Availability.



Delivery charges are explained on your detailed quote. It is recommended that all tiered cakes are delivered. Collection of cakes – once the cake has left my farmhouse kitchen I cannot be held responsible for it or any damage which may occur during transportation. I will of course advise on transportation of your cake.



No amendments can be made to your order may be made in the final 4 week period



All cakes are made in a kitchen that works with milk, gluten, eggs and products which may contain nuts. Even if your chosen recipe does not include the allergen, traces of these products are possible. If a severe allergy is known it is your responsibility to inform your guest not to eat the cake due to the possibility of trace allergens.



All cakes / cupcakes should be placed on a flat surface and stored at room temperature in the box provided. They should be kept out of direct sunlight. Freezing or refrigerating our cakes or cupcakes is not recommended. Please note cupcakes should be consumed within 2 days and cakes within 3 days.



Buttercream cakes are not advisable during hot months or in hot venues such as marquees. With outdoor venues such as a marquee, insects and other bugs are likely to enter on hot days, so the choice to have a buttercream cake is at your own risk and I will not be held responsible once set up. Some venues do not like having naked cakes in hot months, so please check with them before ordering.



The stand will be delivered with your cake and must be returned within 3 days of your wedding, failure to return the stand, resulting in the need for us to collect, will result in the loss of part of your cake stand security.  Damage to the stand will result in the loss of the full stand security. Failure to pay the stand security will result in the stand not being delivered with your wedding cake.



If fresh flowers are used to decorate your wedding cake, these should be provided by your florist as this allows for continuity. Some flowers are not suitable to decorate your cake, it is important that you discuss your flowers suitability / toxicity with your florist. I will not be liable for any contamination to your wedding cake that may arise from the misuse of fresh flowers.



Your cake may contain some non-edible items, such as cake dowels used to support your cake, ribbon, lace or wired sugar flowers. You are responsible for ensuring these are removed prior to cutting & serving your cake. If you add any decorations to the cake after collection / delivery and setup I cannot be held responsible for any damage to the cake.



You may wish to supply us with sample colours (i.e. ribbon / material). Whilst an exact match cannot be guaranteed we will endeavour to meet your requirement as far as possible. This also applies to food colourings and icings.​



On occasion we will photograph our cakes and we reserve the right to use any photographs for display or promotion without compensation to you.​



Cancellation by the customer: If the order is cancelled, your date retainer is non-refundable; payment is required for any and all expenses already incurred on behalf of the finished product.


For weddings if you cancel within 6 weeks of the date 75% of the full payment will be invoiced. This is to cover monies lost as will have turned away other business for your order; it is very unlikely we could re-fill the date at such short notice. If you cancel your wedding cake within 7 days your event no monies will be refunded.

In the unlikely event I become ill or am affected by circumstances beyond my control that mean I can no longer make your wedding cake; I will of course endeavour to find a cake maker who can replace me. A full refund will be given.



Please notify me immediately on delivery or collection if you are unsatisfied with any aspect of the cake so that I have the opportunity to rectify the error in time for your event. All other concerns should be made in writing to [email protected] within 48 hours of delivery/ collection. Evidence of the error should be included. Complaints made beyond this time cannot be considered for a refund as the condition of the cake may have deteriorated several days later. Cakes that have been largely eaten will not be eligible for a refund. A refund is only given if the cake is returned in full, or as close to full as possible.

I do not accept complaints for not liking the taste of our products mainly because individual’s tastes are different. I do not refund for customers that have simply changed their mind or if the cake has been damaged out of our care.