Useful info


Delivery + Collection

I recommend that I deliver and set up your wedding cake for you on the morning of your wedding. Stacked cakes can be fragile, it’s important that they are transported & handled correctly. Wedding cakes can be collected, I will advise on storage & how to transport, but once the cake has left my farmhouse kitchen I cannot be held responsible for it. Celebration cakes of one tier are collection only. Delivery charge is dependent on the whereabouts of your reception venue.

Cake stand hire

I have the perfect cake stand to complement each wedding cake whether it’s a simple oak slice or a grand silver platter. Stands are available to hire (though only if having your cake from me) the stand will be delivered with your cake and must be returned within 3 days of your wedding (a separate security charge is required, which will be returned on safe return of the stand to me)

Fresh Flowers & Decorations

If fresh flowers are used to decorate your wedding cake, these should be provided by your florist as this allows for continuity. I am happy to liaise with your florist about set up, so that I can add your flowers to your cake on delivery. Some flowers are not suitable to decorate your cake, it is important that you discuss your flowers suitability / toxicity with your florist. I will not be liable for any contamination to your wedding cake that may arise from the misuse of fresh flowers. Your cake may contain some non-edible items, such as cake dowels used to support your cake, ribbon, lace or wired sugar flowers. You are responsible for ensuring these are removed prior to cutting & serving your cake.